The Nueva Frontera Initiative: Springing the Borderlands Towards Energy Independence with a New USMCA Side Letter

I was born and raised in Laredo, Texas and obtained my law license in 2014. After six years in Houston practicing in various areas of civil law, I relocated to Austin where I now focus on person injury defense, workplace injury/disability claims, and general commercial litigation. I am licensed to practice law in all state and federal courts in Texas. I am also a licensed United States Customs Broker and fluent in Spanish and Portuguese.

Last February, winter storm Uri left much of Texas without power and water for days. In the spirit of the bitter polarization plaguing the nation, leaders across the nation wasted no time finding the culprits of the “Snowpocalypse.” Many Texas Republicans blamed renewable energy, citing viral photographs of frozen wind turbines as proof that renewable energy had failed to meet Texas’ energy needs. Other criticisms ranged from mismanagement by grid regulator ERCOT (now a household word in Texas) to the state’s entire deregulated energy regime.

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Mr. Ryan Cantú

2nd place winner at the writing competition. In the picture, Guillermo Gonzalez Frankenberger and Charlie Meacham